U1st Realty is a Specialist Custom Shop to supply made-to-order housing, legal structures, project management, and property management to create long-term affordable housing options that enable ordinary people to live with dignity and to have lifetime home ownership and asset security.

Focussing primarily on South East Queensland, we can problem solve, design and custom build in your location.

Purpose Built Housing For Owner-Occupiers and Investors


Custom Home Options

Can't Afford To Buy Your Own Home Outright?


Do Not Want To Be Stuck In The Rental Trap.

Open up your world by co-owning a new home with Like-minded others. Invest Less and Get More Property for your money. 

U1st Realty offers the opportunity for owner-occupiers to co-own your own purpose built custom-designed home.

A Viable Alternative To Expensive Aged Care Complexes, yet offering you a smart way to invest in owning your own home.

Why co-own a home?

  • Security of a quality home to live in.

  • A Viable and Cheaper Alternative To Expensive Aged Care Housing or Retirement villages.

  • Create affordability by sharing all your housing and living costs with your co-owners.

  • Establishing greater financial security by owning part of an appreciating asset.

  • A better alternative to living a lonely and isolated life where "nobody knows your name".

  • Living with others who can provide a sense of family, companionship, and genuine care.

  • Optimise Personal Health & Safety by no longer living alone.

  • Maintaining your independence and quality of lifesrtyle.

  • Living with Peace of Mind enjoying everyday life.

  • Best of both worlds, living with Privacy & Shared spaces.

Why rent when you can co-own and share your home with like-minded people?

The number of single adults in many nations around the world - is increasing. Co-Living home ownership is a solution when more people can actually own their home rather than rent - yet do it affordably.

This trend appears to be redefining the traditional meaning of home, family and community, and in doing so expanding the traditional boundaries of family and different life spaces.

Whether you are starting out, starting again, or simply wish to own your own space without the loneliness or isolation, U1st Realty offer custom-designed homes built for co-ownership and facilities sharing. We can design homes with 2, 3, 4, 5, or more bedrooms, including exclusive private areas and shared common spaces.



Custom-designed homes combining exclusive private areas and generous communal living that enables a great shared lifestyle.

CoLiving managed communities bring together people who choose to live cooperatively based upon shared values.

A major reason why people choose to move to a coliving community is for social engagement.

Why Rent In A CoLiving Home


The bill quickly adds up when you can't afford to rent a traditional home - when you have to come up with rent, initial security deposit fees, and utility bills; or having to pay a big bill at a hotel or similar. It does not matter where you live in this world, accommodation and utilities will always be one of your biggest expenses. 


Staying at a coliving space will help lessen your financial burdens. That’s because co-living homes usually don’t require a hefty security deposit like a standard rental agreement does and Best of all - all utilities such as rent, water, electricity, and wifi are included in one flat fee.

Each Co-Living home would see a variation in the amount of rent charged per room based on the room size, room features, common facilities, and the location of the home.

Rents per room range from around $250 - $400 per week - all inclusive Room Fee.

(NB: You still need to pay for your own groceries, and personal effects etc.) 


Moving to a new place can be tough and it can be difficult to meet people and make friends as an adult, right?

Well, one of the best things about coliving is that it is ultimately centred around bringing people together under one roof.

Some places organise family meals and movie nights to exercise sessions, and networking events.

Larger Coliving spaces host a range of community-building events which give you the opportunity to get to know and develop genuine relationships with your fellow residents. 

Moving into a coliving space allows you to meet a diverse range of people, all with unique stories and life experiences to share. But don’t worry about never getting any time alone – with shared social living areas and your own private room, coliving allows you to socialise with others when you feel like it - while also getting much-needed alone time when the time is right.

Joint Ventures

Developing Specialist Property For A Niche Market

Joining together to offer investors the unique opportunity to partner with us in developing purpose built custom-designed homes.

Fundamentally changing the ROI of residential Real Estate For Investors!

Why Participate in A Joint Venture

A joint venture is where 2 or more individuals or companies or a combination of both combine their efforts and resources multiplying the potential outcome or doing more complex projects than they otherwise would be able to.

Business joint ventures are the most powerful cooperative technique you can use to grow your business, hands down.

How easy will it be to Sell Co-Living Homes

We believe that when the JV decides to sell our Co-Living Home we will be able to sell it very easily. This is due to a number of factors that we focus on during the design process.

Our homes are designed with the end user in mind.

We believe our Co-Living homes will appeal to a wider market (Singles, Mature, Families, Increased Liveability needs) due to the extra bathrooms, large Pantries and sensible spacious designs.

Our Co-Living Homes will be located in strategic locations, close to shops, transport and schools, which is exactly what a co-living owner/tenant or another investor will be looking for when purchasing a suitable home.

Sell Built Homes to 1 Owner or To Co-Owner Groups

  • Suitable for SMSF Buyers

  • Suitable for Investors

  • Suitable for Owner Occupiers

  • Suitable for Fractional Ownership (Co-Ownership) as to live in or rent out.

Current Co-Living Homes For Sale

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