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U1st Realty is ready to help you as you turn the page in the next chapter of your life. We are always ready to meet with you to understand better and fulfil your real estate ownership or investing needs.

The team at U1st Realty have worked extensively with their valued clients, including - owner-occupiers and investors!

U1st Realty advisors bring real skills to interpret your property dream and bring it to reality. Many clients have expressed their gratitude for our breadth of knowledge and our team's skills to assist them in buying property strategically.

You won’t feel left behind; the U1st Realty team will look after you every step of the Home Investing process as your advisor, advocate, bidder, and negotiator.

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Due Diligence Tips

For Builders of New Investment Property

It is vitally important that you undertake adequate Due Diligence on any builder that you engage. This video outlines part of the process used by the New Property and Finance team and provides 5 key tips that you can use as part of your process.

If you would like any further information on undertaking due diligence or would like to ask some further questions on building a new investment property, please feel free to send through an enquiry.