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Why You Should Use U1st Realty

At U1st Realty, our purpose is to empower people to invest safely in Australian property in a simple, efficient, and relatively stress-free manner.

Whether you’re just beginning your property journey or have had many years of experience, U1st Realty aims to be the number one place where people can come together to explore, research, and share their passion for investing in Australian property.

We help everyday Australians create Financial Freedom for their future.

U1st Realty is a Wholly Owned Independent Australian Family Company headquartered in Ipswich (Brisbane) Qld Australia.

U1st Realty achieve results for our clients!

Our clients reap the benefit of that in the form of Increased Cash-flow, Improved Investing Performance, and significant freedom and peace of mind to enjoy their property business and the profits that are generated year after year.


What U1st Realty will bring to the table

  • We serve the Greater Brisbane and surrounding South East Queensland areas, making us the go-to for your all your new property, finance, and investing needs.
  • Our Done-For-You service will help you find the right property. In fact, it’s our mission to make sure your Property Expectations are met (or exceeded).
  • We customise consulting strategies for each property your require to be bought, developed or sold, making sure to act in your best interest.
  • We use independent analytics to derive the best market price for your home, taking out any guesswork.
  • We specialise in building and supplying new property, custom designed new property to suit your needs, and of course finance in order to buy it..
  • We are local to the Brisbane area having made many strategic connections to the people connected with property in South East Queensland. We are always on the lookout to make new strategic connections who can assist us to better serve our clients.
  • We don’t prescribe to old-school real estate hard-sell techniques. In fact, we take an innovative approach to meet the needs of the clients; we serve our clients through changing (and sometimes very challenging) times.
  • Our Team members are educated and experienced in a wide range of real estate insider secrets including the jargon, legalese, marketing, town planning, building design & approvals, interior design, landscaping, and wealth creation methods.
  • Hundreds of homeowners have trusted our team with buying or selling since 1989.
  • Unlike other retail agents, U1st Realty works tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. Our work is not done until until you unsubscribe from our lifetime of services to you and your family!

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Jeff Harlow and Allan Pearson together founded U1st Realty. We have helped people make good financial decisions both personally and with their businesses for over 30 years. Our Professional Services include Property Strategists, Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, Property management, Home Loans, Construction Loans, Business Loans.