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U1st Realty is your leading source of advice and guidance when it comes to property investments in South East Queensland. From sourcing & planning to the development of new real estate projects, our team will be with you on your property investment journey of success.

Dual Family New Home with Attached Granny Flat

Property Advisors, Property Strategists, Home Loan Advisory Service

Buying a Property

Building A New Home

If you're looking to buy or build a new home, understanding the process from start to finish before you begin your search is key to smooth sailing. 

Here’s our process:

1. Define Your Goal

For some, property investment and building a real estate portfolio of properties is a childhood dream (for others it is a nightmare).

For others, property investing is merely a means to an end - Financial Freedom.

Let us help you to understand the business of property investing and help you to achieve your personal goal/s of investing in real estate.

2. Map Your Route

There is a myriad of property types and investment journeys you could pursue.

Let our trusted team of advisors guide you to plan and map your route in building your real estate empire of income-producing property suitable for building your financial security.

Anyone can own a property for investment; but is that property an Investment-grade property?

We define investment grade, as properties that are likely to grow at wealth producing rates of return in the forms of capital growth and cashflow.

3. Take Your First Step

With your goal and route defined, it is time to take your first step - it is time to commit, and buy your first property.

We will be there to advise, guide, and support you in every step that follows.

We aim to be your trusted partners for the long-term!

4. Head For Wealth

As your Property Investing Business partner we will help guide you and help you to navigate your real estate investment journey from start to finish.

Our Service aim is to constantly be of value to you and help you reach your property investment goals with confidence. 

Property Investors

Every property has a buyer - but not every buyer should own that particular property - it all depends upon your investment strategy.

Every property - given sufficient time - will cover up bad investment decisions - but at what cost to your growth, yield, and peace-of-mind?

Keep In Mind - You must ask yourself: Will this particular property help me to reach my investing goals, or will it hinder me from achieving my goals?

Financing your New Property

When you're ready to embark on the journey of buying or selling your property, we am here to help.

We know how to get you the much needed funding, if it is at all possible. We have access to banks, non-bank lenders, private lenders, and in some cases joint venture equity partners

Here's our process:

1. Book an initial consult

Our team would like to establish a long-term relationship with all our clients - one, where we are held accountable for our service given to you. Overcome your fear with a 45 minute initial consult to determine if we might be the trusted credit advisor for you.

2. Initial consult

Hello, how may we help you?

"A Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice!"

Our Initial Consult is to find out if we can help you and how we can serve your property finance needs best.

3. Prescribe & Implement

If you decide to retain us we formulate a customised action plan based on your answers to our diagnosis. We do not have a "Group Think" Plan to offer - only Personalised Plans. This plan is designed specially for you, and it can be modified according to your feedback and experiences.

4. Retain & Serve

We start working on your financial challenges within the age & time horizon that all parties agree upon. Your retainment of our team's broker is to offer ongoing services that will be modified dependant on changes in your circumstances and evaluation of your ongoing results.


While construction loans make up only a small percentage of all mortgages, we are proudly experts in this field. We don’t just provide you development finance, but we also arm you with the full knowledge and expertise of your optimum solution – sourced from our decades of experience. 

If you are seeking a construction loan, we offer property development finance in the form of:

  • Loans to build a duplex
  • Loans to build a dual key
  • Loans for registered builders
  • Loans for owner builders
  • Loans to build a home
  • Loans to build a granny flat
  • Loans to build a sharehouse
  • Loans to build a rooming house
  • Loans to build a small lot home
  • Loans to buy a home and land package

Yes! We do Construction Loans of all types!

Risk Management

This is how I Define the difference between Investing and Speculating - it all revolves around the security of your CAPITAL (Equity & Cash), both methods involve personal risk tolerance.

  • INVESTING - Is strategically placing your capital with the prospect of generating income and/or capital appreciation in the future with low risk to losing your capital. 
  • SPECULATING - Is placing your capital with the prospect of winning big or losing it all (income and/or capital appreciation) in the future with a high risk to losing your all your capital. 

ALL investments involve a degree of "risk." Therefore Risk Management is vital in the early planning stages.

Every investment carries some level of risk; however, the potential of losing your entire principal investment amount is largely what differentiates investing from speculation. 

Knowing what you can and cannot afford to lose, is a big factor in influencing the type of property your buy/build and finance.

What percentage of Australians own investment property?

Just how may of us in Australia have actually gone out and purchased an investment property and is starting to move towards financial freedom, financial security and the independence that comes with owning rental properties.

You can’t afford to do what most investors do.

Let’s be honest and straightforward - statistics show that most property investors fail!

They never achieve the financial freedom they desire and this is, in part, due to the fact that invest with "emotion" and not with a true "due diligence" analysis - they simply employ the wrong property investment strategy.

There are 2,207,905 property investors in Australia. This means around 20% of Australian households own an investment property and 80% do not.

Now of these 20% of Australians (2,207,905) who own investment property, this is broken down further to those who own...

  • 1 investment property – 71% (1.57million) – increased by 2.3% over the last year
  • 2 investment property – 19% (418,000) – increased by 2.7% over the last year
  • 3 investment property – 6% (129,784) – increased by 3 % over the last year
  • 4 investment property – 2% (47,469) – increased by 2.2% over the last year
  • 5 investment property – 1% (19,861) – increased by 1.8% over the last year
  • 6 or more investment property – less than 1% (20,756) – increased by 2% in the last year

Property investment may be simple to do, but it’s not easy to succeed at!

This is clearly evidenced that most property investors failed to build a sufficiently large property portfolio to provide them with a substantial retirement income.

In Australia, less than 4% of all properties currently on the market are genuine “investment grade” properties.

We have the proven strategies for you to join this elite group of less than 1% of Aussies who own 6 or more properties - and who have produced sufficient income security from their investment.


Is where you "put your capital to work" with low or no ongoing input from you in order to build ongoing income security.

Property Advisors, Property Strategists, Home Loan Advisory Service

Construction & Development

New Property and Finance

For a purchase as large and as important as real estate, it is essential that you ensure that you are making the right decisions that will improve your financial freedom not sabotage it!

Due Diligence also includes to fully assess your current financial and skills ability to acquire a site and develop your prospective property.

Hire us to be your partner as expert consultants in this field and our team will assist you with:

  • Town Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Development Finance
  • Building & Construction Management
  • Real Estate Agents and Selling
  • Development Consultants 

NB: The "Highest Use" of a property may not be its "Best Use"! Proper evaluation may save you a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Let's connect!

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Jeff Harlow and Allan Pearson together founded U1st Realty. We have helped people make good financial decisions both personally and with their businesses for over 30 years. Our Professional Services include Property Strategists, Buyers Agents, Sellers Agents, Property management, Home Loans, Construction Loans, Business Loans.